NEW VIDEO!! What, from the new CD

PLANET YOU, Ambulance's latest CD is finally here. It will be available from CD Baby and as a download from all the usual places. You can also purchase it right now at the Fiddleboy store by clicking on the photo above. Fifteen songs with classic Ambulance material as well as newer tunes; the original 1980 recording of It's All Up To You/I Remember, a live version (1981) of Just Us, two songs with guest drummer Richie Ramone, and... oh you know. Get It!

SingSing Records has reissued It's All Up Tp You/I Remember. Seven inches of glorious vinyl, travelling at 45 rpm.

Ambulance has been called power pop, punk, rock and roll, and garage. I suppose there's elements of all that, but I'll let the writers call it what they will. I see it as if John Waters, George Romero, Quentin Tarantino, and the kid from O. Henry's Ransom of Red Chief had a band, they would have to call it Ambulance. It's a freight train without brakes, barreling down the mountain, headed for a hairpin curve. The smoke jettisons like a vapor trail, the whistle screams, and the steel wheels bounce on the tracks. It finally pulls into the station. You're spent and speechless. You wait for your heart rate to get back to normal. And even if you've never smoked before, you have an urge for a cigarette. That's Ambulance. But if you want to keep it short, you can go with power pop or punk or rock and roll or garage.

Ambulance was born in late 1979. Steve meet Johnny C at a call to do some studio work. The studio work never happened, but they hit it off, and began the search for a drummer. Steve had played in the band Whiteboys with Richie Ramone, and Richie was kind enough to lay down the drums for our first recordings. The years have not been kind to the tape, but the tunes still shine through:

Things Never Change

It wasn't long before we found Bobby to fill the drum duties. We played everywhere. NYC was ripe with places to play, and I can't think of a place save one or two that we didn't play. On the Jersey side, the Dirt Club became our second home. There were other places in Jersey, but nothing came close to the Dirt. I miss wrapping my leg around the support pole in the middle of the stage. When the Dirt did a TV commercial, we provided the music for it. Here's the only surviving audio from that commercial in all its noisy, horrible quality and glory:

Hit the Dirt

It wasn't long before we recorded the first 45 - It's All Up To You b/w I Remember. Seems the original is doing pretty well in the collector's market. It's been called the classic power pop songs of its day. That's cool.

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